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Such innovative partnerships are forged with local players in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg and the UK. Two new partnerships Poland and The Netherlands are in preparation. Alliance partners have helped to reach over 10 million lower skilled people already by providing self-testing tools, on-line and off-line training while raising awareness on the significance of e-skills.

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Belgian Employability Alliance

Created in May 2006, the goal of the Belgian Employability Alliance is to facilitate the provision of skills training to disadvantaged groups: young, under- and unemployed workers, people from minority groups, citizens with disabilities and women (re)entering the labour market by providing them with technology and content access, skills training and certification in IT as well as other skills required by current and future employers. Read more...



IT Fitness

Following the official endorsement in November 2006 by Bill Gates, March 2007 saw the launch of the IT Fitness initiative in Berlin which aims to reach 4 million people nationally by 2010. Pupils, trainees and apprentices from all ages and groups are given access to self-testing and self-learning tools and receive a valuable IT fitness description for their job applications. Through the efforts of a co-joint partnership 170,000 people have completed to date an online 'IT Fitness' test and outreach to raise awareness on the importance of IT knowledge and skills has touched 500,000 people. Read more...


United Kingdom

Employability Alliance in partnerships with Fairbridge and learndirect scotland

Description learndirect scotland In partnership with Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Randstad and local and national employers, learndirect Scotland is working in Scotland to enhance the productivity, competitiveness and growth of the Scottish economy by increasing the scale and scope of ICT-based learning and skills acquisition across Scotland. Through this unique project, the partnership is committed to uplifting the skills of 100,000 Scots and increasing their employability by harnessing the potential of Scotland's learning infrastructure. Working with a number of "pathfinder" community-based learning centres that have direct access to marginalised learners, the initiative will provide them with a range of Microsoft and Cisco curricula a offerings, including Digital Literacies, Office Specialist, A+ hardware maintenance and fundamentals of voice & data cabling. This pathfinder programme will demonstrate the potential of the branded learning centre network to support and promote industryled employability to key target groups. Read more...



Employability Alliance helps refugees to rebuild their lives with ICT trainings

Microsoft, State Street and Randstad have started the Employability Alliance in 2007 in Luxembourg in partnership with the NGO Caritas. Caritas has been devoted to the cause of assisting people of all ages and origins who find themselves in difficult or threatening situations, or who are victims of social exclusion and poverty. The staff and volunteers of Caritas have forged strong links with those forced to emigrate, refugees and foreigners of all sorts. Read more...



Bringing Women over the age of 45 back into the work place

Description An official partnership between Microsoft, State Street, Randstad and ECDL was put in place on March 3rd 2008 in support of the NGO 'Force Femmes'. This joint initiative aims to address the high rate of unemployment faced by women over the age of 45, who experience a very real discrimination due to their age and sex, in their efforts to (re)integrate back into the workplace. It boosts their literacy, numeracy and general workplace skills (emotional binding, orientation, define a new career strategy?), improves their autonomy, works to change the mindset of those women and reduces their resistance to change. Read more...




The first programme initiated and devised by the HELB, TITAN is a cca. 250 M USD "Training Framework Programme for Increased Adaptability in the Information Society", aiming at the competitiveness and employability-driven ICT Training of 10.000 IT Pros, 25.000 SME Managers, and 200.000 Basic Users per year. Between 2009 and 2012, the TITAN FP intends to present model results to the objectives of Employability Alliance and the national programmes in different stages in European member states. Read more...



The Polish edition of the European Alliance was officially announced in July 2009 in presence of Vladimir Spidla, EU Commissioner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. He greeted the Foundation for Support for Mathematicians and IT Specialists with Reduced Mobility, Microsoft, State Street and Comptia’s Creating Futures Foundation who have decided to join forces to align and develop project activities to enhance e-Skills and employability.