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An official partnership between Microsoft, State Street and the local Randstad office was put in place on March 3rd 2008 in support of the NGO "Force Femmes". This joint initiative aims to address the high rate of unemployment faced by women over the age of 45, who experience a very real discrimination due to their age and sex, in their efforts to (re)integrate back into the workplace. The agreed target is to counsel 1500 women.


Microsoft, State Street and Randstad through the partnership with "Force Femmes" came together to facilitate an end-to-end approach to raising the employability prospects of women. Full support to reaching the goal of employment consists of:

  1. basic to advanced training in technology and e-learning, thanks to the support of Microsoft and State Street,
  2. building up to the completion of ECDL training certifications,
  3. set up to the connection with potential employers, through Randstad. 

Aim is to boost literacy, numeracy and general workplace skills (emotional binding, orientation, define a new career strategy), improves their autonomy, works to change the mindset of those women and reduces their resistance to change.

With this approach the Alliance can provide real answers to the challenge of employability in Europe promoting social cohesion and equal opportunities. In addition to the above mentioned support Microsoft offers: sets of IT trainings and e-learning, laptops (recycled laptops coming from MS France own assets), and software, free Web banners (MSN Actions Solidaires, France’s Web channel dedicated to NGOs), support of Microsoft volunteers and access to European Grant consultancy (EUGA).


In 2009, 137 women have already signed up on IT trainings for the first semester of the year. These sections will introduce them to basic IT tools such as: word, excel, powerpoint, internet and progresses till the creation of their first web pages on Office Live. The NGO also plans to launch around 30 thematic workshops reaching at least 200 women this year. In 2008, 12 IT training sections were organized reaching 80 women. Besides that, several workshops and forums were launched on several issues including IT and HR skills, such as: e-recruitment, CV on-line reaching 1100 women. 


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Quotation of beneficiaries

"I really appreciated this journey, it allowed me to understand the functions of the last version of Word and I could really progress on this! I also appreciate the group participating on the section; the ones with good graphic skills gave me advice on how to improve the presentation of my business card that I had created on Word. It was on a very good mood that I shared this journey with them!"

Fran├žoise Sariban, one of the participants of the IT trainings


Force Femmes

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