e-Skills Prize for Employability and Vocational Training

March 30, 2010

Sponsored by the Europan Employability Alliance, EEA
Winner: Augusto Lima, PORTUGAL
Project: Technology, Innovation and Initiative (TII)

The Technology, Innovation and Initiative (TII) project is targeted to unemployed people. The project wants to meet a two-fold objective: enable the beneficiaries, at socio-economic disadvantage, to have contact with new technologies and acquire skills so as to be able to be reinserted into the labour market.

The project provides various training courses, focusing on two key themes: information technology and entrepreneurship. Learning is done using an online platform. During the training course the trainees learn to create a curriculum vitae, respond to job advertisements and be active job-seekers. The students develop skills in new areas that make them more attractive in the labour market.

Right from the start, the TII project got the support of the Office of Employment and Vocational Training. According to a survey conducted in May 2008, 40% of the trainees had gotten a new job, and 6% were self-employed after completion of the training. In addition, MoUs were made with companies in order to integrate beneficiaries of the program in their activities.

Runner-up: Weronika Pielas, POLAND
Project: e-Centres

The e-Centres project renders accessible digital technologies to those who have limited or no access to it: inhabitants of rural areas and disabled people. This includes free of charge access to computers with equipment and software adjusted to the users’ needs, Internet access, e-learning courses and vocational tools. All the services are free of charge and close to the users. Trained staff in the centres assures friendly assistance.

The centres also have a potential to serve as “incubators” of local initiatives aiming at social integration. They are places where many groups such as seniors or disabled people meet to learn together. As a result, people who live in rural areas may not only get in touch with modern technologies, but also learn, that they can change their lives.

Watch the videos of the event here.