September 15, 2010

Apply before September 30th, 2010 for the for the European Skills for Employability Awards!

Have you created or implemented an initiative that has used ICT training or digital technology skills development to raise employment prospects and improve digital and social inclusion?

If so, you should enter the European Skills for Employability Awards.
Your initiative could be recognized as one of the best skills for employability projects across Europe and showcased to the rest of the EU as an example of best practice. Additionally, by reaching this stage you could go onto win one of 3 individual category awards that will be presented at the European Employment Forum in Brussels on 24-25 November 2010.

Learn how you can apply below. Closing date is 30th September 2010.


The 2010 Employability Alliance Awards will celebrate the best and most creative uses of ICT training and skills development adapted by NGOs to raise employment prospects and improve digital and social inclusion.


The Employability Alliance Awards are open to organisations in the voluntary sector or civil society that have a minimum 2 years of activity and a proven track record using an enhanced model of employability illustrated by measureable outcomes. There are three competition categories:


1. Accessibility and Employability: Outstanding Initiatives demonstrating how developing the digital litteracy and skills of people with disabilities helps empower and promote the independence of trainees and increase their employment prospects, along with the importance of raising awareness among potential employers for both social and economic inclusion.

2. Integrated employability model & use of collaboration technology: Initiatives showing best practices in delivering integrated employability program focusing on the development of skills and competences throughout the lifecycle through pioneering partnerships between private, public and civil sectors. Initiatives promoting the use of collaboration technology for employment purpose will receive particular attention (e.g. a video platform for applicants or the use of virtual contacts to companies bridging the gap between qualified people in remote areas and potential employers).

3. Youth and Employability : Best in Class, innovative, integrated approach with a proven track record and outcome on providing IT, soft skills training and volunteering opportunities to youth in disadvantaged areas to enhaunce their employability.


Accross categories, judges will look for projects that best demonstrate the following characteristics:
- Employability: Develop IT training and skills program that seek to respond and adapt to market needs and employers requirements and as such have a proven track record of enhancing job prospects.
- Innovative use of technologies: Has your project made use of ICT in an innovative manner to increase learning capacity , reach rural or remote areas, improve motivation, raise awareness on the importance of e-skills?
- Partnership building: Exemplary partnership between organizations, public agencies, private companies, employer bodies, etc. has helped improve project impact and benefits to all involved.
- Community impact: Positive impact on society in terms of awareness, education, accessibility, gender equality, etc.


Please send us your application, Skills for Employability awards Application Form, at E-mail:  

Closing date: September 15th, 2010