e-Skills long-term strategy for Europe

January 20, 2009

Europe needs to implement a long-term e-skills strategy to boost the productivity and the employability of its workforce and respond to global competitive challenges. Skills are essential for growth, jobs and social cohesion in Europe, and e-skills are a key competence to make lifelong learning a reality. Experts from government, industry, trade unions, associations met at the European e-Skills Conference to discuss the implementation of the strategy in Europe.

In September 2007, the European Commission adopted a communication on e-skills for the 21st century, which includes a long-term e-skills agenda and key action lines at a European level. This proposal was welcomed by member states and stakeholders established the e-skills Industry Leadership Board to contribute implementing the strategy.

e-skills UK are regular contributors to the e-skills forum which has culminated in the formation of the European strategy. As part of this overall drive, Terry Hook, e-skills UK's representative in Europe, has participated in frequent 'Expert' meetings over the past 6 years and has been a speaker at the past three European e-skills conferences in Thessalonica. e-skills UK have also played a significant role in supporting and participating in European projects such as the creation of a European e-competence framework.

Watch the e-Skills for Europe video to learn more from key stakeholders on the strategy, its implementation and the next steps.

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