Over 1000 people reached by Belgian chapter

February 13, 2009

The Belgian chapter was one of the first national chapters to start activities under the umbrella of the European Alliance on Skills for Employability three years ago. This initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership and is one of the Laboratories supported by CSR Europe.

In Belgium, the participants of the initiative decided to focus on concrete projects already existing to facilitate the training of new skills to disadvantaged groups, such as the FIJ training centre in Brussels and the TECHNOBEL centre in Wallonia. The Belgian chapter is currently led by Randstad (CSR department) with a close participation of State Street and Belgacom, with tailor-made contribution of Microsoft and Cisco in the projects. The initiative has reached more than 1000 people and is planning to leverage the success of the current projects by extending the cooperation with public agencies. As first step on this way the management of the chapter is reviewing multiple initiatives in Flanders.

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