Over 1 million people have taken the IT‐Fitness test

January 16, 2009

Over 1 million people have taken the the “IT‐Fitness” test launched as part of the IT‐Fitness initiative launched by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in November 2006 as the German chapter of the European Alliance on Skills for Employability.

IT‐Fitness aims to make four million people in Germany fit for dealing with the PC and internet by the end of 2010 by offering online test and free trainings. The test is popular due to its easy access and fits for almost every target group. Nationwide PR campaign, series of roadshows and other events (like summer camp, classroom trainings) help to create more attention around the importance of ICT‐skills and around the free online test. Throughout 2008 the content of the test was widened, for example new webcasts were developed to provide access to the skills for people with minimum IT knowledge. The test is available in German and the Turkish translation was released in December 2008. Further translations are in progress to extend the test for and replicate the success in the neighbouring countries.

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